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You may need to refer to this page several times. DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW UNTIL YOU FINISH USING THE DINING SEARCH FORM.
How to Translate the BFC Dining Search Form:
How to Translate the BFC Dining Search Form:


Our Dining Search system is highly sophisticated. It will help you locate the best nearby dining resources (restaurants, bars, delicatessens, cafés, night clubs, dinner theaters, etc.) that are barrier-free, arranged by their distance from your location, and sorted by more than 50 user-selectable consumer features.

Our Dining Search system is easy to use, and very fast. It can search through more than a million records in 0.3 seconds to locate exactly what you're looking for, if it exists in our databases. However, this search system can only process requests submitted in English. Searching our system in other languages requires a few extra steps, as we will show you in the yellow box below.

These Special Instructions will show you how to use our search system and get results in your language. Please remember to keep this page open until you have finished using our Dining Search system.

Translating the Form:


Keeping this page open, return to the Dining Search Form that is open in your language.
Complete Steps 1 and 2 of the Dining Search Form to tell us what you want to find.
DO NOT click the button in Step 3. Please remember that your Search Request must be submitted in English only. The computer processing your request only understands one language.
Open a NEW browser window and type in (or copy and paste) the internet address of our English language (non-translated) Dining Search Form, which is:

This will display our Dining Search Form in English.
You will now have two Dining Search Form windows open. One will be translated into your language and the other will be in English.
Going back and forth between the two Search Forms, copy your choices from the translated Form into the English version of the Form. All selections are in exactly the same place on both Forms, so it will be easy, even if you don't read a single word of English.

Click the button in Step 3 at the bottom of the English form, and it will go to your Search Results page.

The Search Results page:

Although your Search Results will be displayed in English, it will generally look like this:

Your Dining Search Results ...
Starting from San Francisco CA 94103 USA,
we found 22 barrier-free resources that match
your search criteria, shown in order of their
approximate distance from you.
Results 1 - 5:

Please note that the results page confirms your starting point and shows how many resources (restaurants) were found. Individual listings of the resources will look generally like this (displayed in English):

Palomino Restaurant • Rotisseria • Bar
345 Spear St.
San Francisco CA 94105-1673 USA
Status: 100% Barrier-Free
– about 1.4 miles [or 2.3 km] from you.
Phone: 415-512-7400 •
Map & Directions
Illustration: Three flowers are at the end of each Listing.

Skates on the Bay
100 Seawall Dr.
Berkeley CA 94710-1611 USA
Status: 100% Barrier-Free
– about 9.1 miles [or 15 km] from you.
Phone: 510-549-1900 •
Map & Directions
Illustration: Three flowers are at the end of each Listing.

Please note that there are two links on each directory listing above. The "Details" link will take you to that restaurant's Display Listing, which provides a full page of detailed consumer information about that particular restaurant. Many of our Display Listings now have the translation feature.

At the bottom of the Results page, you will find a Navigation Bar that will help you quickly move through the pages of your search results. It looks like this:

< Previous 5 | Next 5 >

When you have finished using our Dining Search system, you may click the button below.

Close this Window

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